8 suspected Boko Haram gunmen killed in Gombe, Bauchi


Eight suspected Boko Haram fighters were today killed in Gombe and Bauchi states, northeast Nigeria, police, residents and local hunters said.

According to reports, gunmen believed to be Islamist militants have been roaming Bauchi and neighbouring Gombe since the weekend. More than 20 people were reportedly killed in Gombe by the gunmen while about four deaths were recorded in Bauchi.

On Monday, Babakarami Sunusi, who lives in Gombe Abba, about 10 kilometres (6.25 miles) from Dukku, in Gombe state said four gunmen were killed by soldiers who intercepted them.

“The soldiers killed four of the gunmen and captured one,” he said. “The rest of the gunmen fled.”

Idi Male, a local hunter in the area also said that the gunmen went into the hills outside the village but they were pursued by local hunters. “The hunters are yet to return.”

Four gunmen were also reportedly killed in Bauchi. They were believed to be the hoodlums that fled from Gombe. They were said to have killed three vigilante members.