Dating Tips Single Mothers Should Know About

datenight_02Braving online match-up sites…Introducing “him” to the kids… Dating is hard enough when you’re SNK (single, no kids), but for solo working moms—ugh! To make it easier, be sure you’re good and ready before putting yourself out there and not still recovering from, say, divorce or new single motherhood. Then, see a couple of people at a time if you can. You’ll be less likely to rush into a relationship and more able to define the qualities that matter most to you in a partner. Obvious as it sounds, only date people who treat you right—in fact, the way you’d like your kids to be treated when they start to date. This is both good for you and good for them as you model relationship behavior. If romance-dot-com makes your eyes roll, let friends you trust set you up, or join a club that interests you. Giving yourself time to date and then keeping your options open, especially when juggling work and kids, is a smart way to meet your next true love.