Uche Jombo: “I Have Never Taken Money From Any Political Party Because I Don’t EVER Want To Loose My Right To Question People About Their…


This isn’t good!! From all indications, veteran Nollywood actress has been pissed off by one of the political heavy weights.

Nollywood actress, Uche Jumbo calls out Buhari’s wife, Aisha Buhari, for calling Edo women prostitues.

Aisha recently held a campaign rally for her husband in Edo State where she described the women of Edo State, as “prostitutes” .

In her statement, she said her husband’s administration will stop the prostitution by Edo women abroad.

Uche took to her official Facebook page to address the statement.

Here is what she wrote: –

“Please NOTE this is not about APC / PDP or who you are voting…..(file under what we shouldn’t use to campaign as girl – child trafficking is an advocacy I support and can tell you it’s sensitive ) this was sent to me.

Concerning Nigerian gender activists have called on the women of Edo State to forgive the unguarded comments recently credited to Mrs. Aisha Buhari, wife of the APC Presidential Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

Mrs. Buhari had in a campaign rally for her husband’s presidential bid in Edo State over the weekend had described the women of Edo State, as “prostitutes” claiming her husband’s administration will stop the prostitution by Edo women abroad.

In a swift response to Mrs. Buhari on Monday in Benin, Sarah Obozuwa, Founder of the Edo Women for Change (EWC) called on Edo women to forgive Mrs. Buhari.

“Aisha Buhari was born on September 29, 1979. As of today, Mrs. Buhari is only 35 years of age. She was married to Buhari in August 13, 1989, at the age of 9.

This means that Buhari at age 47, in 1989 was having s*x with Aisha Buhari at the tender age of 9, an underage according to the constitution of Nigeria. So Mrs. Buhari is a victim of sustained childhood r*pe and her outbursts are understandable”, she said.

Speaking further, Mrs. Obozuwa said:

“How Buhari got Aisha Buhari pregnant at age 13 is a chilling story of a Buhari who defiled Aisha as a little child while she was visiting Zulai, Buhari’s eldest daughter who was her playmate. It is ironic how such a traumatized woman now stands at the vanguard of stigmatizing fellow women.”

As a supporter of all advocacy for women. … be it domestic violence,child marriage, women rights or what have you.i stay out of politics but… i shared the last post when I saw it and made my research… i repeat I don’t care about APC or PDP …

I have never taken money from any political party because I don’t EVER want to loose my right to question people about their statements and if the first lady made that statement I will still post it as i don’t like using stereotypical term in addressing ‘issues’ ….

if you insult me on my page I will simply block you and not sweat it but it wouldn’t stop me from sharing my thoughts and beliefs or my love for A better Nigeria.you are free to Google the speech.?#?UJR – She wrote.