Sakawa Boys Dare Minister

Cyber fraudsters, otherwise known as ‘sakawa boys,’ who are allegedly operating in the Tamale Metropolis have called the bluff of the Northern Regional Minister’ directive to have them arrested.

They have equally served notice to Alhaji Mohammed Muniru-Limuna (the minister) to prepare for a collision course as they would resist any attempt by the security agencies to arrest them.

The sakawa guys, it has been established, sent a threatening text message to the minister, who doubles as chairman of the Northern Regional Security Committee (REGSEC), to brace up for a possible showdown and warned that he could be treading on dangerous grounds.

They claimed they were in bed with agents who might be sent after them and therefore boasted that the minister’s directive was just ‘a joke of the century.’

Snippets of information gathered by DAILY GUIDE indicated that they demanded the renaming of a particular community as Malaga City under the guise that its current name does not suit its status – because they had built their houses there.

It is unclear why they chose the name but checks indicated that Malaga City has been tagged as a gateway to southern Spain and the Costa del Sol – birthplace of Picasso, which is noted as having one of the best climates in Europe. It is now justifiably one of Spain’s hottest cultural, gastronomic and leisure destinations – and notorious for all forms of crimes.

The sakawa boys in Tamale have allegedly gone ahead to pay GH

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