Meet Nigeria’s Top 10 ‘One-Hit Wonders’ Singer


There’s a famous saying that says ‘No king rules forever,’ guess it applies to music too.

In the Nigerian music industry, the biggest issue has always been consistency.

A lot of artistes seem to be more lucky than others, while some others only reigned for a brief period, unable to produce another hit track.

These are what we describe as ‘One Hit Wonders’ – not that they have only one song in their career, but because they have failed to come out with another hit that will go viral.

See the list below: –

Soul E Soul E Baba Dey Here 2006
Bigiano Shayo 2008
YQ Efimile 2008
GT da Guitarman Dreamer 2009 Pass me your love 2009
Kel Wa wa Alright 2009
Samklef Molowo 2010
KAS Fimile 2010
W4 Kontrol 2010
Lynxxx Fine Lady 2012