Davido Dissed By Tons Of Fans On Twitter For His Awful Freestyle With Tim Westwood


Ok, this is hilarious.

I guess this proves that freestyling is an art on its own and isn’t meant for everyone.

Davido did a freestyle for Westwood TV a year ago, but it has recently resurfaced and Twitter is running amok.

Some of the lines he dropped on the beat:

“G-Wagon I burst all my tires.
Next day I buy new tires.”

“When I enter the stage,
All the girls
their bra and their pant them dey throway”

“All these ni**as want a feature.
Well, look at that line.”

A play on his popular jam, Aye,
“I buy her designer,
She no want Ferrari.
I take her to yankee,
She go buy Ferrari.”

Davido was seriously cursed out by tons of his fans for his fake and poor lyrics.

Watch the video below: –