2-Year-Old Boy Stops Father From Committing Suicide


A man was saved from suicide after his 2-year-old son begged him to come back home. According to Odd News Blog, The man who worked as the manager of a construction site, attempted to commit suicide after the project failed and he was unable to pay his workers.  39-year-old Rao Ni of China, who is a married man and father of one boy, became depressed when the project he managed fell apart. He did not get paid and he was unable to pay his workers.

Ni arrived to the Hainan Province about 10 years ago. He had been working in construction ever since.  He began working at a construction site with more than 40 other migrant workers. However, he did not have a written contract for the job and therefore, it was very difficult to sue the building owner who hired him to do the job.
The financial burden left him feeling helpless. Ni climbed onto the bridge near his job site in Lingao County. He was spotted by passersby, who called the police.

Authorities attempted to negotiate with Ni to change his mind and to come back to safety. However, when that did not work, they called the man’s wife, who came with her 2-year-old son.  The son asked and begged his father not to jump into the river and to come back home. Ni finally agreed. When he was rescued, Ni took his son in his arms, and hugged and kissed him.

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