Wrestling: Rey Mysterio receives death threats

One of which, used social media to share pictures of a man with a gun accompanying a message reportedly threatening to kill the former WWE star Rey Mysterio.

Due to the in-ring accident, Mysterio was the single most-searched term on the Internet for Saturday. Some people on twitter think that Mysterio could be in some way responsible for the death of Aguayo, but that hasn’t been confirmed or reported either.

The flamboyant world of Mexican wrestling reeled in shock on Monday as the tragic death of a star fighter sparked a debate about safety in the beloved national pastime. Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, known as “Hijo del Perro Aguayo” (Son of the Dog Aguayo), collapsed and hung over the middle rope late Friday after receiving two feet to the upper body from Oscar Gutierrez, “Rey Misterio Jr” in the lucha libre bout.

It took almost two minutes for the fight to stop and for Aguayo, 35, to get medical attention at the arena in the northwestern border city of Tijuana. Medics said they had been treating three other people in the dressing room.

He was taken to a hospital, where he arrived alive and died early Saturday after doctors tried for 90 minutes to revive him, the Baja California state prosecutor’s office said. He died of neck trauma. Prosecutors spokesman Jose Manuel Yepiz told AFP that the death may be treated as manslaughter but that investigators have yet to make a decision. Gutierrez will be asked to give a statement to prosecutors

Meanwhile, videos of the deadly match have gone viral online and are already being sold as pirated DVDs in Mexican markets. “Mexican lucha libre is in mourning over the death of one of its star talents,” the AAA association said in a statement. Gutierrez lamented his ring rival’s death, saying they had forged a “friendship of brothers that began years ago.”

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