SG Ghana Introduces Privilege Safe Deposit Box

Management of SG Ghana at the launch
Societe Generale, one of the leading banks in Ghana, has launched its Privilege Safe Deposit Box geared towards meeting the needs of its high-net worth clients.

The SG Ghana Privilege Safe Deposit Box is a world-class, secure and private facility that would enable customers to store their valuables.

The Deputy Managing Director, Francois Marchal, who was speaking at the launch, stressed that the initiative would meet the needs of the bank’s affluent clients whose needs go beyond what is offered in the day-to-day mass market retail banking.

‘This commitment to provide state-of-the-art products and services to these clients continues to grow as a larger, more discerning affluent class emerges.

‘This has been well reflected in the bank’s activities with the establishment of the Privilege Banking Unit, the creation of a VISA Gold card with which clients may enjoy free medical insurance worth up €30,000 and now the Privilege Safe Deposit Box,’ he said.

Obed Hoyah, Head of Retail Distribution, stressed the need to target all kinds of customers by paying equal attention to the specific needs of each group.

He said the current economic situation in the country, particularly the growth in the upper middle and upper classes in Ghana and the economic growth and investment in the country means there is a demand for a more congenial financial and banking industry.

Mr. Hoyah said companies and individuals need banks and banking solutions that facilitate the protection and growth of their wealth, emphasizing that with the creation of the Privilege Banking Unit, the Bank has showed its dedication to diversifying its services and products to meet changing customer profiles and requirements.

He said the bank would be the one-stop shop for customers as exhibited by the launch of insurance products under the Bancassurance umbrella, among others.

The Societe Generale Ghana Privilege safety deposit box can be accessed through a three-step process, which requires a key, card, PIN and biometric security access using only the client’s fingerprint.

The bank assures customers of 100 percent confidentiality and insurance for the content of the client’s box. All keys are kept by the client.

Customers can choose from four different boxes to rent for unlimited time or a fixed period based on their needs.

The tariff to be paid depends on the size of the box, the value of the content insured and the duration of the rent.

Customers may also access the box as many times as they please between 8am and 5pm on weekdays.

Societe Generale Ghana is the first financial institution to bring this kind of safety deposit box to the Ghanaian market.

By Cephas Larbi
[email protected]

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