Jonathan vows to sanitize Oil Sector if re-elected


He might have been criticized to condone corrupt practices, especially in the oil and gas sector, but President Goodluck Jonathan wants Nigerians to give him another chance to clean up the corruption-ridden sector.

Speaking in Lagos, Sunday evening, at a youth event titled “An unimaginable feat in sports” designed to highlight his administration’s achievements in the sports sector, Jonathan promised to entrench greater transparency and eradicate corruption in the nation’s oil sector if re-elected.

“We are going into oil sector. People talk about the oil industry because that is an industry with a lot of people and a lot of money is involved. But I promise you that in the next four years, we will sanitise the oil sector” he said.

He, however, emphasised that the issue of corruption was being exaggerated leading to the creation of an impression that the whole country was corrupt.

Jonathan promised to work with the young people because of his conviction that parents who do not encourage young ones are preparing their families for extinction. He vowed to give more youths under the age of 40 more opportunities to serve as ministers and heads of government parastatals if re-elected.