Father Drags Daughter To School For Math Exam Chaining Her To A Bike


An employee of a school was arrested on charges of causing hurt after he allegedly chained his own daughter to a bike and dragged her to school so she could write an examination, police in India said. Scoop has more:

Mathura Police said that they arrested 40-year-old Bhagat Singh, a public school employee, after chaining his 7-year-old daughter to his bike so that she takes her math exam in school. Motorists who witnessed the assault, took videos of the father and upload them to the Internet, where they went viral. During questioning, Singh told police that he only wants the best for his daughter.

Over the past 10 years, Singh, a father of six children, has been employed as a security guard at the public school. According to the police investigation, around 6:00 a.m., the children woke up and prepared for school. The 7-year-old girl however, left the home and went to a nearby field to play. Her mother kept calling for her, but she refused to go to school.

The mother sent another child to drag her home, but the 7-year-old girl bit her hand. This angered the mother, who slapped her and tied her hands with a rope before calling her husband. When Singh arrived, the 7-year-old girl threw a tantrum. Singh tied the girl to his bike and drove to school, dragging her along the way.