To Ladies – A Letter From A Lagos Bad Boy


Hello Babe,
I hope this letter meets you well.
We have been dating for six weeks now and I can see you have fallen hopelessly in love with me.
Well, that’s not surprising since I have that effect on all my girlfriends. Come on, admit it. You can’t stop thinking about me. I know what Lagos girls want and I have got it all. I’m confident, I am good looking. I’m successful. I have a great job, a sleek car and I am a power dresser.
When I’m in the right mood, I can be extremely charming and seductive. When I look into your eyes, I see all the love you have there and I know how to make you feel like you are the most important woman in the world.

But you know the funny thing about all this? I don’t have any special powers over you that makes you swoon with love all over me. No! You are actually the one that gives me those powers.
I know all about it. It has worked over and over for all my girlfriends.

This is how it works:
Because I know how much you want to charm me to fall in love with you and knowing that you want to ‘settle down’ as soon as possible, you put the power in my hands
It’s so easy for me to use your desires to control you!
I know all the right words to say to you. I take you out, call you all the sweet names, buy you presents, look at you longingly and even go to church with you. I have eyes for only you and I make you feel really special.
Oh, I have needs babe. So I played along with your game because I know that right now, I’ve got you right where I want you. I have awakened feelings in you that you can’t even think straight!
And in this state of mind, you have become putty in my hands. Now you are catering to all my needs (ALL of them). You are at my beck and call. You proudly tell you friends that you have found ‘the one’.
You think we now have a ‘special bond’ right? That is why you always made excuses for how badly I started treating you and just hoped that I would change.
You did not want to lose me!
I didn’t care that my actions were hurting you. I didn’t even bother when you were angry at something I did because whenever I wanted you back in my arms, I’ll just turn on the charm, say I’m sorry and I’ll keep acting humble until you give in to me.
And it worked every time!

And then…….
You started hinting about marriage.
You became too clingy (what do you mean I can’t go out with my friends next Saturday?) You think you can tame me because you’re so special?
You actually believe that I love you so much that I’m going to want to commit to you and only you.
And at that moment, you started to bore me!
So right now, I am so bored that I want to be free.
Since you know now that what I felt for you was not genuine, I hope you can let me go in peace.
It’s not anything against you. I am just a Lagos bad boy and you are a Lagos gullible girl.
Please warn your friends.
Give them this letter to read. It might help them detect when a Lagos bad boy is preying on them
I hope you find genuine love


Note to the ladies: Shine your eyes! These kinds of men abound. Believe it or not! Don’t think you’re tough enough or clever enough to be immune to their charm. Take heed and be watchful!