‘No Leader Has Equipped The Military Like Jonathan’

Goodluck Jonathan

Former Defence Adviser to Benin Republic and ex-Adjutant, Nigerian Defence Academy‎ (NDA), General Yakubu Usman (retd), said that President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has equipped the military more than any other government since independence.

Speaking in Abuja on Saturday, when The Justice for Mandate Group ‎addressed a press conference, Usman admitted that the military was taken by surprise by the activities of Boko Haram. However, recent victories recorded by the military shows that the recently-acquired weapons were proving useful in the fight.

“The situation facing Nigeria did not start today. You can trace it back to decades of neglect. As far the security is concerned, the insurgency started in 2002. They were dislodged and they dispersed. But politicians brought them back for their own use. They used and abandoned them.

“They regrouped and today, we call them Boko Haram. They moved into the North-east and gained ground. Unfortunately, the military was taken back. It was strange to the military back then. What we have today is a situation where Mr. President is trying to acquire sophisticated weapons to tackle the insurgents. Few weeks ago, there were about 14 local governments under the control of Boko Haram. As of today, we only have 3. If the president comes back, he will do more,” he said.

Commenting on a recent directive by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Suleiman Abba that voters should leave polling booths after casting their votes, Usman said it was made in good faith.‎ “When people gather and await results after elections, we know the tensions that follow. The view of the Inspector-General of Police was made in good faith. As a security expert, I think it is better for voters to leave after casting their votes. That way, we will be able to minimise crisis.‎”