FG To Send Yoruba Teachers To Brazil

The Federal Government is sending teachers to Brazil to teach Yoruba language in the South American country, Aminu Nabegu, Director monitoring evaluation and research in the Directorate of Technical Aid Corps, said on Friday.

According to him, the countries are already discussing the modalities for the implementation of the programme. He said once the agreement was reached the government would deploy the teachers and some cultural experts to Brazil.

“The Yoruba-speaking communities, which reside in the Bahie region of Brazil, are the major target for this programme.

“That is where we have large numbers of people believed to be the descendant of the Oduduwa,” he said.

Speaking further, Aminu said that a centre for the study of Yoruba culture and  language had been opened in Brazil.

He also said that a similar programme had been extended to Yoruba-speaking communities in Benin Republic.