Priest Caught Selling Drugs And Having s*x With Men


A priest has been arrested on charges of selling drugs after he was caught selling meth, prosecutors in Connecticut said. Odd News Blog reports:

63-year-old Monsignor Kevin Wallin of Waterbury, was also accused of purchasing an adult toy shop and having s*x with men. Wallin pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to sell methamphetamine and agreed to a possible sentence of 11 years in prison.

Wallin, who already spent the past two years in prison, is now asking a judge for leniency, citing his lengthy public service record. Wallin also admitted to being addicted to methamphetamine. Prosecutors told the judge that Wallin committed serious crimes, including conspiracy to sell methamphetamine.

Wallin had associates in California, who sent him one to three pounds of methamphetamine a month. Wallin ran the drug operation outside his apartment. Wallin bought an adult videos and adult toy shop in North Haven, and used it to launder the drug profits totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wallin was suspended from his church following inappropriate s*xual behavior with men.