Men Who Watch Lots Of P0*n Have Better s*x Lives: Study


The shocking results of a new study from scientists at the University of California are saying that men who watch more P0*n have better s*x lives. Why is that, you may ask? Because guys who watch more P0*n are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and have higher s*x drives.

According to Brobible:

Researchers Nicole Prause and James Pfaus recruited 280 men and asked them to meticulously record their P0*n viewing hours per week.

The men – who were straight, white and mostly in their early 20s – were also asked to fill out questionnaires on their s*xual desire and activity.

The scientists found arousal rose to its highest level for men who watched more than two hours of P0*n per week.

It also increased the amount the men wanted to be with their partners.

Those who watched no P0*n at all had an ‘arousal score’ of just over 40. But for those who watched P0*n, the score was more than 50.

“This pattern suggests that those who view more visual s*xual stimuli (VSS) are likely to have a higher s*xual drive,” the scientists wrote in the Journal of s*xual Medicine.