Coca Cola launches Turn Up promotion

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ghana Limited has launched a promotion with its 300ml glass products.

Dubbed “The Turn Up” promotion, it aims at rewarding consumers with prizes worth over 2.5 million Ghana Cedis.

During the Turn Up promotional period, customers can win airtime,  free one liter bottles of Coke  and  Samsung Galaxy A3 Smartphone when they purchase any 300ml Returnable Glass Bottle (RGB) of Coke, Fanta (All flavours) or Sprite.

Speaking at the launch of the promotion in Accra, Mr. Phillip Assah, Brands and Marketing Services Manager, said the term “Turn Up”, as used in the slogan for the promotion, is a youthful term, a call to action for young people to get together, connect and share fun moments.

The promotion will run on packs with special yellow crown, this is to differentiate the promotional stock from the regular non-promotional stock.

In order to participate, consumers have to buy a bottle of Coke, Fanta, or Sprite with the yellow crown, look under the crown and see what they have won.

1. If they find a picture of a mobile phone, it means they have won a new Samsung Galaxy A3 Smartphone.

2. If they find an 8 digit code, they would have to text the code to 2120 to receive an instant airtime (free) from their network.

Participants would have two attempts after which the code will be blocked.

3. If they find the picture of a bottle of Coke, they have won a free bottle of Coke.

Consumers would have to present the crown to any distributor or where the  “Redeem Here” banner is posted to collect their prize.

The authenticity of the promotion was verified when a woman among the audience at the launch won a Samsung Galaxy A3 phone.

She saw the picture of a mobile phone in the crown of a bottle of Sprite that was served.

Another consumer also received free airtime after texting the 8 digits number she found in her crown to 2120. They both received their prizes instantly.

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