100-Year-Old Woman Skydives, Swims With Sharks To Mark 100th Birthday


A South African great-grandmother who went skydiving for the celebration of her 100th birthday has followed it up by going cage diving with great white sharks. UPI has more:

Georgina Harwood, 100, plunged into the waters of Gansbaai Monday and came face-to-face with great white sharks only two days after she jumped out of a plane to celebrate her birthday.

“I’m so glad I did it, a special experience in my life time, I just can’t compare it to anything else,” she said.

Harwood said “sharks are having a hard time in the sea” due to overfishing of hake, one of their primary food sources in South African waters.

“We are taking the Hake. The poor old sharks are coming in to the coast and getting us which is a very sad thing,” she said.