Car Thief Spray Paints His Face With Black Paint To Avoid Being Caught By Police

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A man who attempted to disguise himself from police after allegedly stealing a car spayed his face with black paint in order to disguise and evade arrest. Scoop has more:

The suspected car thief, Jose Espinoza of California, spray painted his face in an effort to hide from the police.

According to Corp. Josiah Arnold, Madera Police found Espinoza sitting in a stolen car that was parked close to his home.  After learning that the police were investigating the scene, Espinoza fled from the area.

Espinoza spray painted his face with black paint in an effort to avoid being captured. However, officer waited near his home and when he eventually returned, he was arrested.

The black spray paint was confiscated as evidence. Espinoza was charged with unlawful taking or driving of a vehicle and receiving stolen property.