Starbow resumes Tamale operations with brand new Bombadier Q400

“A smoother ride; a cleaner plane” That was the experience of one of the passengers of Starbow who boarded the brand new bombadier Q400 from Accra to Tamale, Sunday.

The local Airline was making its first trip to Tamale in five months and it did so in splendid fashion with the 78-seater new aircraft.

It was a great travelling experience, quite different from the others in the local terrain, passengers testified to journalists who had been carried along to witness the first ever flight of the Bombadier.

With a smooth take off at 7:45 am the aircraft jetted  swiftly to Tamale with no hitches.

An optimum pitch between seats provided excellent leg room comfort for the passengers and with the soft leather seats available the trip was just an exciting jolly ride.

In less than hour, the flight had touched down without the usual noise that has come to be associated with some aircrafts in the local airline industry.

At a short ceremony in Tamale to formally announce the new aircraft and the new service operations, the C.E.O of Starbow, Mr. James Eric Antwi, said the acquisition of the Bombadier Q400 could not have come at a better time.

“This aircraft is very efficient and economically wise because the fuel consumption is very low so we can afford to move round the whole country,” he said.

Mr Antwi promised a more reliable service from Starbow saying in the event there is a problem with one aircraft, as happens in the industry, the company will quickly fly in a new aircraft to pick its valued customers in order not to inconvenience its customers.

According to him, the company is getting another Q400 which is set to arrive in Ghana in July to augment operations in Ghana.

On the company’s resumption of its Tamale operations, Mr Antwi assured: “We are here to stay in Tamale,” reiterating that there will 2x daily flights to Tamale.

The Company is also looking at the prospects of beginning operations in Wa when the regional airport is completed.

“We are waiting for the Civil Aviation. Once Wa is ready we will go to Wa,” he stated.

The company has gotten approval to fly into seven countries in the sub region including Cotonou, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Conakry and Burkina Faso.

Before it begins full operations into the sub-region, Mr Antwi said they would have to tidy up the company’s operations across the country before going into the sub-region.

 After the short ceremony the journalists were flown back to Accra in what was a thoroughly exciting enterprise.

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