Photos: Victoria Kimani Pulls Inspirational Stunt In Her Homeland, Kenya, Says “My Dreams Are Valid”

asaMost people don’t know this but Victoria Kimani is actually from Kenya, not Nigeria.

The singer shared these hot shots of herself in Nairobi against an awesome graffiti wall of Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o‘s face.

She captioned one of the photos with this inspirational advice, including a quote from Lupita’s Oscar acceptance speech,

“There will always be days where you dont feel like getting up and trying anything & everyone around you is moving at a snail speed pace when you are ready for a marathon… but allow yourself to be inspired anyway….dont let the negativity of others or of this world hold you down… tell yourself what the Greats told themselves “Yes I can”….”My Dreams are Valid” …Obstacle or no Obstacle. …Money or no Money….Friends or no Friends…PUSH”

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