Maheeda Decides To Sponsor Education Of Abandoned Twins


She might not be the most decent person you know but it seems like Maheeda has a heart of gold.

The controversial singer and nudist has pledged to take full responsibility of twins, who she claimed their father abandoned for their jobless mother.

She took to her Instagram account on Thursday, March 12, 2015 to share a photo of the twins, even though she didn’t reveal the identity of the twins or their mother.

She added the caption: –

    ‘I have these two twins that their father left for their jobless mother to take care of how will she do that? And many other people counting on me to make it big so they can eat and wear cloths, this is my motivation. I can n*ked for all I care, I can throw away my respect for all I care, I can’t wait to send this two and others to school, I can’t wait to feed the people waiting on me.

‘I’m almost there, God have mercy I need more for my people, Just sharing from my soul,’ she added….