How Ibadan Landlord defiled 8-Year-Old Daughter Of Tenant


MADAM Bola moved into a new accommodation at Sakapena, Idi-Arere area of Ibadan about seven months ago but she never imagined her recent discovery that her eight-year-old daughter could already been having s*xual intercourse. And no other person was accused of involvement in the dirty act other than her landlord, Mr Aderemi Babatunde a.k.a Baba Sango, a Sango worshipper. Tribune has more:

The landlord, who was initially arrested by detectives from Mapo police station, was transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation, Iyaganku, Ibadan where he was interrogated by detectives to ascertain his culpability on the allegation against him or otherwise. Information gathered by Crime Reports revealed that Madam Bola reported at Mapo police station on February 17, 2015 that she left her daughter with a neighbour along the street where she lived while she went to purchase some items.

To her surprise, on her return, she met her daughter at home. In response to her question on why she left the place she was asked to stay, the young girl told her mother that it was Baba Sango who called her to his shrine, pulled off her pants and inserted his finger into her private part. Not yet done, the girl further alleged that the man removed his trousers and put his manhood in her private part.

She stated further that Baba Sango used a black and white handkerchief to wipe her private part and gave the handkerchief to one man she simply called Baba Fila, who used to sell men’s cap. She disclosed that it was not the first time Baba Sango had had carnal knowledge of her, as the action had been going on for some months. Read the rest on Tribune.