Adebayor speaks: Adebayor reveals dark moments,praises Harry Kane

Tottenham Hotspurs striker Emmanuel Adebayor has admitted he went through a dark moment in his career which almost cost him his football career.

The Togo captain was embroiled in a family feud last year that made world wide headlines after he accused his mother of witchcraft and only recently returned to the Spurs first team after taking time off to attend to personal issues.In an interview with the Guardian,Adebayor says he has learnt his lessons.

‘I went through a little bit of a dark moment in my career,’ Adebayor says. ‘A lot of things went wrong. We are all human beings. We all go through a lot at certain times of our lives. I think I have learned from it. I went through a lot of family issues. But now it is behind me and I am back on the football pitch. I am very glad to be back.

‘I’m a Togolese boy who has suffered a lot, and today I’m in Europe. My junior brother, my senior brother, my uncle – I think they would love to be in my position, being a footballer, being a striker for Tottenham. Trust me. Even just travelling with the team, a lot of my family members, a lot of my countrymen, would love to do that. For me, let me just enjoy it and embrace it.’

Adebayor also saved praise for the form of young English striker Harry Kane,who has scored 16 league goals to help keep Spurs in the chase for a European slot.

‘It’s quite hard [to be out of the team] but I’m very happy and pleased for Harry Kane,’ he says. ‘He is a young lad that came out and, at the moment, I think he is the only one that can save our season, like I did last season. Two years ago it was Gareth Bale. In football we all have our moments. I just have to work hard, come back and play football. Football is a funny game. Today, you are zero; tomorrow, you are a hero. At the beginning of last season, everyone wanted me out. At the end of the season, they wanted me to stay. I just have to keep believing in myself, keep doing my thing.

‘Harry can get the club into the top four. People are starting to get to know him and what he can do on the field but he is an intelligent lad. He is learning through his difficult moments as well. We all have a huge faith in him. Hopefully he will drag us out of the top seven and put us in the top four.’

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