Video: BBA (Hotshots) rep Kacey Moore’s poem on ‘Dumsor’

Entertainment of Sunday, 15 March 2015


Payback1 Kacey Moore

Ghana’s Big Brother Africa (Hotshots) star, Kacey Moore, has released the visuals for his poem on the current power rationing being endured by consumers.

Ghana is currently rationing power due to the country’s inability to meet consumption demands.

Kacey Moore, who returned to the country after a long sojourn in South Africa, is not pleased with the current loading management regime.

He told in an interview in December 2014 when he released audio for the poem that the load shedding is greatly affecting productivity and the business of entertainment, and has consequently done a poem on the situation.

“The inspiration came when the lights went off during my evening rehearsal session. I had to stop rehearsing and turn on the laptop and write instead. And I ended up writing about electricity,” he told

Kacey Moore, who is also a musician, added that the adverse effects of the loading shedding exercise are “TV shows lose viewers, no electricity to edit videos, shows are cancelled and studio time is wasted.”

Watch the video below.