Ministerial ‘musical chairs’ unsettling for Ministers – Karbo

General News of Sunday, 15 March 2015


Anthony Karbo NPP New

The Deputy Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Anthony Abayifaa Karbo, has waded into the debate on President John Dramani Mahama’s latest Ministerial reshuffle.

According to Anthony Karbo, the President’s recent reshuffles are understandable but the constant movement may not be beneficial to the ministers who are often unable to fully understand the Ministry they are in before they are moved again.

Mahama Ayariga was moved from the Ministry of Youth and Sports to the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation just a few months after taking over the post, the latest of several changes that have been made at the Presidency and the ministries.

He is replaced by the Minister of State at the Presidency, Alhaji Dr. Mustapha Ahmed.

Ayariga’s removal from the Sports ministry has been widely associated with comments he made recently describing questions from journalists on the AFCON budget as useless.

And Anthony Karbo believes the reshuffles are justified if the president deems it necessary to make some changes to continue working towards his national agenda.

Mr. Karbo said in an interview with Citi News: “I am not surprised at all by these changes. The President is within his right to make these changes where he feels that his government can be backed up with the right resources and personnel to deliver on his agenda. So in terms of that this is not the first we have had these reshuffles of ministers or musical chairs, as people want to term it, happen.”

He however added that “it is quite frequent, the number of times the president keeps moving ministers around, especially when they don’t have enough time to settle and get to understand the ethos of their job and you always have these movements. It is quite unsettled, a new person coming in will have to understand the ministry and acclimatise himself or herself with the workings in order to push the President’s agenda.”

Meanwhile, a political science lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Alidu Dramani has called on President Mahama to be more decisive in his Ministerial appointments.

While accepting that the president has the “prerogative to reshuffle” his ministers whenever he considers it necessary, Mr. Dramani stated that the nation’s problems will not be solved by just moving the Ministers around.

He told Citi News: “Though if he moves ministers around, it does not mean they are not performing, I think that if the president feels that so far they have not been living up to his expectations, then rotating them will not solve the problem. He should look round, even within the NDC he can still get people to perform the functions. If a Minister is not performing in a particular sector, and you decide to push him to another sector, what is the guarantee that he will perform there.”

Other ministerial changes announced by the President include the transfer of the Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing, Alhaji Collins Dauda to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and that of Health Minister Dr. Kwaku Agyeman Mensah to the Ministry for Water Resources, Works and Housing.