SG Ghana introduces ‘Privilege Safe Deposit Box’ banking service

Business News of Saturday, 14 March 2015

Source: Charles Addo/GhanaWeb

Societe General Grp Pic

Societe Generale, Ghana’s leading banking institution has launched a great new product geared towards meeting the security needs of its high net worth clients.

The SG Ghana Privilege Safe Deposit Box is a world class electronic safe, secure and private facility for customers to store their valuables and irreplaceable items.

The Deputy MD of the bank Mr. Francois Marchal, at a press launch to introduce the SG Ghana Privilege Safe Deposit Box, which is the latest addition to the bank’s range of services provided by its Privilege Banking Unit said banking is meant to cater for the needs of all customers, hence the introduction of the product.

To meet the needs of the bank’s affluent clients whose needs go beyond what is offered within day to day mass-market retail banking; the MD said SG Ghana was committed to provide state of the art products and service to clients so as to continue to grow a larger more discerning affluent class emerges.

Mr Marchal in his address affirmed that the bank’s continues aim of providing cutting-edge services to its gold and affluent customers has been well reflected in the bank’s activities with the establishment of the Privilege Banking Unit, the creation of VISA Gold card with which clients may enjoy free medical insurance worth up €30,000, and now, the Privilege Safe Deposit Box.

Sharing more insight on the new product, the Head of Product Development and Channels Distribution Mrs. Nathalie Douellou, explained that the pressing need at which people have their monies safe in banks also calls for the need for a safe place for customers to keep their non-monetary valuable items such as gold, and the Privilege Safe Deposit Box is the answer to these needs.

Madam Douellou in a powerful presentation pointed out that currently, there are scarcely safety deposit boxes readily available in the banking industry, hence the design of the product. The unique feature of the Privilege Safe Deposit Box product is to offer and guarantee the highest level of security, unlike all other product in the country.

“The Privilege Safety Deposit Box can be accessed through simple steps. This involves a key, Card, PIN and a biometric security access using only the client’s fingerprint. With this security features, customers can be assured of 100% confidentiality knowing that even the bank itself does not have access to the client’s box. All keys are kept by the client. The client also is assured of insurance for the contents of each box”.

“With Privilege Safe Deposit, customers can choose from 4 different sized boxes to rent for unlimited time or a fixed period, depending on their needs. The tariff to be paid depends on the size of the box, the value of the content insured and the duration of the rent. Customers may also access the box as many times as they please, between 8am and 5pm on weekdays.

We are very proud to be first to bring this kind of safety deposit box to the Ghanaian market. The Bank is extremely pleased to continue innovating and leading the pack where products design is concerned”. She said.

On his part, the Head of Privilege Banking at SG Ghana Mr. Clement Aryee mentioned that the advantages that come with the service and its prime aim of building a unique relationship was based on a high level of trust, as well as delivering an exceptional range of services designed to enhance the client’s experience.

He added that at the moment, there are three Privilege Service Centers within Accra and Kumasi. In addition, there is also an executive suite available at the Bank’s Kokomlemle Head Office.

Making a key point, Mr. Aryee, noted that the services provided by the unit, are continuously evolving to reflect the growth of the bank as an innovator.

He said “In the past, banks were offering the same type of products and services to all category of customers regardless of what their specific financial and banking needs were. This did not prove to be mutually beneficial to either the bank or its customers; SG Ghana therefore thought it wise to restructure its service offer to encompass a dedicated unit to handle the banking needs of its top affluent customers.”

SG Ghana’s Privilege Banking unit offer clients the convenience of accessing services such as dedicated banking areas and teller services.

Customers also have access to highly trained friendly Relationship Managers who perform regular care calls aimed at maintaining and enhancing the already existing relationship between clients and the bank.

Societe Generale Ghana is one of the leading banks in Ghana with 37-networked branches across the country. The Bank provides Retail, Corporate and SME clients with dedicated innovative products and services aimed at anticipating customers’ needs. The Bank is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange and is a member of the Ghana Club 100.