Request for information on First Registration Players

The GFA is requesting information from the public to confirm if the players below have not been registered with any club in Ghana (even in the past).

Football Associations from across the world have written to the Ghana Football Association on behalf of clubs to request for the ITC these footballers of who are of Ghanaian origin.

1. NAME: Mustapha Alhassan
DATE OF BIRTH: 21.04. 1990
REQUESTING CLUB: Isbjorninn (FA of Iceland)
2. NAME: Kognuu Dery
DATE OF BIRTH: 15.12. 1995
REQUESTING CLUB: Almopos Arideas (Hellenic Football Federation)

3. NAME : Gundu Suleimana
DATE OF BIRTH: 20.5.1988
REQUESTING CLUB: Ermhs (Hellenic Football Federation)

4. NAME: Derby Schatz Odai
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.11.1987
REQUESTING CLUB: A.S.D. Gamma Due (Italian Football Federation)

5. NAME: Kingsley Mensah
DATE OF BIRTH: 02.02.1995
REQUESTING CLUB: F.C.D. Citta’ di Castellena (Italian Football Federation)

6. NAME : Larry Kingston
DATE OF BIRTH: 06.03.1996
REQUESTING CLUB: Sportfreunde Maria Veen 1949 (Germany)

7. NAME: Abubakar Mugis
DATE OF BIRTH: 11.03.1998
REQUESTING CLUB: 1. FC 1928 Schwarzenbach/Saale (Germany)

8. NAME: Abdoul Fakau
DATE OF BIRTH: 02. 07. 1991
REQUESTING CLUB: S.V. Grun-Weib Dalhausen E.V. (Germany )

9. NAME: Alhassan Salam
DATE OF BIRTH: 21.01.1996
REQUESTING CLUB: S.V. Grun-Weib Dalhausen E.V.(Germany)

10. NAME: Isaac Kwabena Domfeh
DATE OF BIRTH: 05. 11. 1996
REQUESTING CLUB: SC Vatangucu Dusseldorf (Germany)
11. NAME: Frederick Nti Owusu
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.07.1995
REQUESTING CLUB: Football-Club Internationale Berlin 1980 e.V. (Germany)

12. NAME: Wilson Kofi Darko
DATE OF BIRTH: 22.03.1991
REQUESTING CLUB: SV Wormersdorf 1946 E.V. (Germany)

13. NAME: Mumiru Danaki
DATE OF BIRTH: 29.03.1970
REQUESTING CLUB: 1. FC Afrisko (Germany)
14. NAME: Ali Garos
DATE OF BIRTH: 01.01.1996
REQUESTING CLUB: Turn-U. Sportverein Holzhausen-Porta E.V. (Germany)

15. NAME: Agyapong Archilbald Yaw
DATE OF BIRTH: 26.08.1996
16. NAME: Abdul Aziz Mubarak
DATE OF BIRTH: 11.03.1998
REQUESTING CLUB: Neant (Burkina Faso)
17. NAME: Roberto Kwadwo Kyeremeh
DATE OF BIRTH: 22.10.1996
REQUESTING CLUB: C.F. Icomar Javi (Spain)
18. NAME: Theophilus Kojo Blaise
DATE OF BIRTH: 23.04.1984
REQUESTING CLUB: SKG Erfelden (Germany)
19. NAME: Stephen Nyamedor
DATE OF BIRTH: 26.02.1996
REQUESTING CLUB: Urfahr SV, Oberosterreichisher (Austria)

20. NAME : Issah Abdulai
DATE OF BIRTH: 09.04.1987
REQUESTING CLUB: FC Elazig Spor e.V. (Germany)
21. NAME: Isaac Sabi
DATE OF BIRTH: 10.01.1988
REQUESTING CLUB: 1. FC Niederkassel 1920/2010 e.V (Germany)

22. NAME: Emmanuel Arthur Yawson
DATE OF BIRTH: 19.12.1999
REQUESTING CLUB: C.D. International (Spain)
23. NAME: Adam Abdul-Rehim
DATE OF BIRTH: 20.11.1988
REQUESTING CLUB: Western Eagles SC (Australia)
24. NAME: Elisha Kweku Gbagbo
DATE OF BIRTH: 09.10.1996
REQUESTING CLUB: C.D. Almeda (Spanish Football Federation)

25. NAME: Habib Ibrahim
DATE OF BIRTH: 18.03.1994

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