Presby moderator is a ‘religious bigot’ – Pratt

General News of Saturday, 14 March 2015


Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey PCG

Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr., has described the moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey as someone ‘who qualifies for a religious bigot’.

The avouched socialist speaking on Accra-based Radio Gold said the Presby moderator sought to disqualify people of other faith from contesting for national positions and this is something which cannot be as Ghana is a secular state.

The Reverend Minister has been in the news recently for criticizing the government over its inability to solve the current energy crisis facing the country.

Speaking to a congregation last Sunday, Rev Prof Martey called on politicians to stop fanning religious tension in the country and instead concentrate on tackling the numerous problems facing the country.

He was quoted as saying he could fix the current energy crisis in three months if he was the President of the country.

His views have attracted widespread criticisms from various sections of society with sympathizers of the government criticizing the minister and calling him various names.

But the social commentator has called on his critics to stop using unprintable words on the man of God.

He argued that by criticizing the government, Rev Martey shown his political biases and was in one way or the other dividing the Presbyterian front through political lines.

As someone who attended a Presbyterian Boys school, Kwesi Pratt said he was unsure if Rev. Martey was still working to defend the tenets of Presbyterianism.