Exclusive: Apau denies Chelsea rumours

Soccer News of Saturday, 14 March 2015

Source: Goal.com

Mitch Apau

Westerlo’s Ghanaian defender Mitch Apau has denied rumours that Chelsea are interested in his signature.

Speaking exclusively to Goal, the former Ajax man did admit that a club from Turkey have been over to Belgium to watch him play but that he knows nothing about interest from Jose Mourinho’s side.

“I’ve read of the rumours, of the Chelsea rumours and the Turkey rumours,” Apau began, “I know the Turkey rumours are true but I don’t know where the Chelsea rumours came from.

“The Turkish came here. They came to look at my games and there’s someone there who’s trying to work out something there. I know the Turkish rumours are true, but with Chelsea, I don’t know where it came from.”

Apau admitted that his future was in the hands of his current Belgian employers Westerlo, who currently sit in 11th place in the Jupiler League table with one match left to play.

“I’d have to check with the club and understand what their plan is as I have a one-year option,” he continued, shedding light on his current status.

“Normally, I if I take this option I have one year less so next year I am free, but maybe they’ll want to renew my old contract as soon as possible.

“I think it all depends on what the club wants and how they see it.”

The right-back made no secret of his ambition and confirmed that he would be open to a move that would see him play at a higher level.

“Whatever is higher than me, I want to take it,” he began, “if this club in Turkey is better than this club [Westerlo] then I would rather leave than stay.

“The interest in Turkey is from one of the mid-table teams—not Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray—and they’re serious. They have come to look at my games, they called the manager.

“The problem is that they said, ‘let’s wait and see what the club wants from you, if they want to renew your contract, and then they’ll see what we will do.’”

Apau’s Westerlo close their Jupiler League campaign at home to table-toppers Club Brugge on Sunday afternoon, with the visitors requiring a victory to guarantee that they end the year as champions.