Societe Generale Ghana launches privilege safe deposit box

Societe Generale Ghana has launched a new product geared towards meeting the security needs of its high net worth clients.

The SG Ghana Privilege Safe Deposit Box is a world class, safe, secure and private facility for customers to store their valuable and/or irreplaceable items.

The Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Francois Marchal, started the event with a brief introduction to the SG Ghana Privilege Safe Deposit Box, provided by its Privilege Banking unit.

He stressed on the fact that banking is meant to cater for the needs of all customers, hence the introduction of this product to meet the needs of the bank’s affluent clients whose needs go beyond what is offered within day to day mass-market retail banking.

He noted, that this commitment to provide state of the art products and services to these clients continues to grow as a larger, more discerning affluent class emerges.

He stated that this has been well reflected in the Bank’s activities with the establishment of the Privilege Banking unit, the creation of a VISA Gold card with which clients may enjoy free medical insurance worth up €30,000 and now, the Privilege Safe Deposit Box.

Following Mr Marchal, Mr Obed Hoyah, Head of Retail Distribution, gave an overview of the Bank’s privilege banking unit as part of the bank’s strategy.

He stressed on the need to target all kinds of customers, by paying equal attention to the specific needs of each group. He went on to state that the current economic situation in the country, particularly, the growth in the size  of the  upper middle and upper classes in Ghana and  the  economic growth and investment in the country means there is a  demand for a more congenial financial and banking industry.

Companies as well as individuals need banks and banking solutions that facilitate the protection and growth of their wealth. 

He also emphasised the fact that with the creation of the Privilege banking unit, the Bank showed its dedication to diversifying its services and products to meet changing customer profiles and requirements.

He stated that it was in line with the bank’s strategy to be the first bank any individual or corporate client would think of when searching for a way to resolve any banking challenge.

He reiterated the fact that, moving forward, the Bank will be the one-stop-financial-shop for customers, as it aims to provide all customers’ needs, as exhibited by the launch of the bank’s range of insurance products under the Bancassurance umbrella amongst many other products.

The Bank’s Head of Privilege Banking, Mr. Clement Aryee followed him and threw more light on the privilege banking unit of the Bank. He explained the background of the privilege unit starting from its establishment in 2004 to its current state of having client base of 2000 plus.

Mr. Aryee reiterated the fact that Societe Generale Ghana has the expertise to address the banking needs and quality of service expectations of this market segment.

Mr. Aryee explained the advantages that come with the service and its prime aim of building a unique relationship based on a high level of trust, as well as delivering an exceptional range of services designed to enhance the client’s experience. He added that at the moment, there are three Privilege Service Centers within Accra and Kumasi. In addition to this, there is also an executive suite available at the Bank’s Head Office.

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