IK Ogbonna Highlights ‘The 5 Kinds Of True Love’ But Insists s*x Brings Hate Instead Of Love


The actor and model , IK Ogbonna seems to have become a professional on love issues since he started dating the Colombian beauty.

Read his perception on the various kinds of love: –

“I just discovered that man can only experience true love in not more than 5 departments

#1: love of God , u feel so in love with God sometimes u want to cry

#2: love for ur child , that’s a feeling u can’t explain

#3: The Love for Food , look at Ik smiling omg coz food is barely 1 min away

#4: Love for money , u think u don’t love it but deep down u love that b****t

#5: Not everyone can really experience this , a lot of ppl pass tru life thinking they experienced it but never truely did , it’s so sweet and you can’t help it .. It’s called true love for ur soulmate.

While typing I realized s*x is another extreme level of love , but I din’t add it to the 5 coz on the real when u have s*x with someone u don’t love u feel hate immediately after u climax.

Feel free to debate it and I will defend . Ok bye”