Widow Ready To Sell Her House On Condition That The Buyer Must Marry Her


A 40-year-old widow living in Indonesia have posted an advertisement online offering to marry a man who agrees to purchase her home without negotiating the price. Scoop has more:

Wina Lin, 40, a widowed mother who owns a beauty salon, said she was planning to sell her home in Sleman due to recent financial troubles and a friend who works as a real estate agent suggested she post an ad seeking a buyer and a husband in one.

“The bid of the century!” the advertisement reads. “Buy a house and marry the owner [terms and conditions apply]. For serious prospective buyers only. No negotiations.”

Wina said a potential husband would have to agree to the full $76,846 asking price for the house. She said she will only accept suitors who are devout Muslims. Dian Purna Dirgantara, the real estate agent, told Time there have been numerous calls about the ad.

“Since yesterday morning there are continuous calls, I don’t count how many, there must be dozens or even hundreds,” the agent said. Dian said potential buyers don’t necessarily have to be potential suitors. “If someone just wants the house, they can have that,” he said.