"Sex-for-roles allegation in our movie industry is overstated"

Movies of Thursday, 12 March 2015

Source: NEWS-ONE

Fatima Ama Adeoye

The newest movie producer on the block, Fatima Ama Adeoye of ‘Aliya’ fame, has told NEWS-ONE that the sex-for-role allegation in the movie industry is highly overstated and does not reflect the actual situation on the ground.

“I am a female, I am still new to this movie industry and I have done three movies without any director or producer asking to sleep with me. To be sincere with you, all the negative things I have heard about the challenges of females entering the movie industry is what other people have said but not what I have experienced. I don’t want to judge based on the negative things I have heard. I have heard people say that movie directors and producers would want to sleep with an actress before they give her a role but I have never experienced that and I don’t even know anyone who has personally experienced that.

“I have climbed from just acting and now I am a producer yet I have not seen or come across some of those things you hear when you are outside the industry. I think anyone who really wants to do movies should not be scared or deterred by some of these reports,” Fatima told NEWS-ONE.

The actress currently promoting her yet to be premiered movie, ‘Aliya’, was responding to a question from NEWS-ONE regarding the challenges she has encountered since she entered the Ghanaian movie industry in 2012.

“I have not really entered the industry. I have only acted in three movies and I have produced one. I do not have the experience enough to talk about challenges. Some even say some people pay money before they are given roles but I have not also experienced that,” Fatima added.

Even before ‘Aliya’ hits the cinemas on March 21 at the National Theatre in Accra, it has sparked controversy among movie lovers and critics are arguing whether or not it is an Islamic movie that could potentially step on some religious toes.

The producer however thinks otherwise and cleared the air during her interview with NEWS-ONE.

“Aliya is not an Islamic movie per say although the lead character comes from an Islamic home. It does not touch on the sensibilities of Muslims. The only controversy was that there was the death of a senior Muslim and the Imam insisted we should call in a doctor to confirm that indeed the person is dead.

“That bit was deliberate and meant to educate our Muslim communities that when someone dies, or is suspected to have died, there ought to be a medical confirmation before we start burial rituals,” she added.

Fatima Ama Adeoye disclosed she has a mixed nationality of Ghana and Nigeria though she schooled in Ghana.

“My mom is Ghanaian and my dad is Nigerian. I was born in Ghana but grew up I Nigeria and came back to Ghana ten years ago to do my secondary school education at Yaa Asantewa Secondary. From there I went to Garden City University. I did Banking and Finance at the university.”

Fatima said she played a lead role in the movie ‘Aliya’ with other popular actors including Prince David Osei, Baba Yakubu and Chichi Neblet.