Pappy Kojo to tattoo Joey B’s name on his body

Entertainment of Thursday, 12 March 2015


Pappy Kojo Kneel

Pappy Kojo is planning on tattooing Joey B’s name on his body. The rapper disclosed this on e.TV in an interview with Vanessa Gyan. This decision, he said, is as a result of the support Joey B has given him since he came down to Ghana to pursue his music career.

“Joey B is my brother for life. We argue and cease to talk for two to three days and we meet and start laughing again. I’m even thinking of getting a tattoo of Joey B or something. I have tattoos of people that really mean something to me in my life. I will get Beezy or Wave. He helped me and I will do all that for him.”

Pappy also said he will not be troubled if he loses at this year’s Ghana Music Awards because just getting a nomination is good for him as an artiste who has been in the industry for about 6 months.

“At the launch of VGMA, I was there and Obuor, 4×4 and other artistes were showing me love and all… If I win thank God but I just want to go there and hear my name being mentioned as part of the nominees and my picture showing up on those projectors. That’s my dream. No one will understand, only my guy and I will understand this. People wait for ten years to be nominated and I came in August of Last year and I’m in. Up till now I still don’t believe what is going on, when I’m out and people are hyper when they see me. If I don’t win cool but I will tell my entire family to watch me walk the red carpet that day.”