I’m into movies to stay – Mawuli

Entertainment of Thursday, 12 March 2015

Source: Graphic Online

Mawuli Gavor

Fast rising actor Mawuli Gavor says regardless of criticisms and negative perceptions about the movie industry, he is in to stay.

The movie star told Showbiz “I had my reservations about the movie industry until I got into it and realised that all those negative comments made about it were not altogether true”.

Also a model and TV presenter, Mawuli said people should understand that no matter what you do, there is always that one person who will criticise. “Movies depict the exact nature of the world we live in right now and it is time people get used to the idea. It is not fiction but it is based on reality,” he said.

Mawuli revealed that he didn’t find it difficult getting into the arts because he took a decision to become a model at age 19 and since then it created opportunities for him.

“It was my portfolio that got me there. It was very detailed and had my capabilities outlined so it gave me an advantage over others the very first time I auditioned for a role in a movie,” he stated.

Talking about the premiere of the movie “I do”, he said he was amazed at the huge turnout of patrons at the premiere. “It was a sold-out show and even though I knew we had put in a lot of work for publicity, the turnout blew me away and am really grateful for the support I have received so far,” he said.

He conceded, however, that even though the Ghana movie industry had improved over the years, there was still a lot to be done to make it one of the best in Africa and beyond.

Mawuli has starred in movies such as Devil in the Detail, View Republic, What My Wife Doesn’t Know and others that are yet to be released.