Ghana FA reports betting scandal to police

Soccer News of Thursday, 12 March 2015


Kwesi Nyantakyi Mic

Ghana Football Association (GFA) has revealed it has reported some Premier League players to the police over allegations that they bet against their own teams to lose games.

Allegations are rife that some players are involved in betting against their own team, a situation the GFA has described as “a very dangerous development in Ghana’s football.”

BA United have come under suspicion since the news broke. However, their captain Osei Lawrence has denied it. But their supporters and coach Mohammed Gargo feel the playing body is involved in football betting, even to the extent of placing a bet against the club.

“We have taken the necessary steps to arrest this canker, which we think if we don’t confront it at this stage it could go beyond our imagination,” Nyantakyi said at a press conference.

“So the security agencies have been notified to do the necessary investigations and then will bring all culprits involved to book.

“We must bear in mind that betting is not illegal… but it is not allowed for players to engage in betting.

“Players of clubs and club officials are not supposed to get involved in betting – but that is the kind of disturbing phenomenon that has started developing here and we are very very worried about that.

“So I can assure you the FA is taking the necessary steps to contain it.”