Obsessed Rihanna Fan Covers Entire Back, Underboob And Arms With Tattoos Of Her Hero


A Rihanna superfan is wearing her heart on her sleeve, including her face, back and chest, after getting 14 tattoos of the star across her body. Rediff has more:

Sarah Ridge, 23, has seven images of the singer’s face on her skin and a further seven copies of tattoos sported by her idol. The full-time carer has ploughed over £2,000 of her savings into the habit and has spent more than 48 hours under the needle.

Her tattoos include the Goddess Isis – which Rihanna also has inked under her br**sts – and the singer’s full name on her left forearm. The latest design is a giant mural with five portraits of Rihanna’s face across her back costing her £1,000.

Sarah, from Malmesbury, Wiltshire, says her mum begged her not to go through with the tattoos but she disagrees with people who think she’ll regret it in future. She said: “My friends think it’s a weird obsession and I know my family would prefer it if my tattoos were more discreet.