David Beckham: Retired and still banking cash

David Beckham recorded his highest earnings of his career life in his first full year of retirement after earning a whopping $72 million in 2014, surpassing his previous high of $51million in the year 2012.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid player was tremendously known for his fortune as the England international was the highest-paid player in football for most of his playing career with huge endorsement deals.

David Beckham has been active during his time off the football pitch as the former Paris Saint Germain player shills for Breitling, Sky Sports, Belstaff, Adidas and has also added a deal with Jaguar in China.

The former England captain also has huge deals in China after signing a multi-million deal to be ambassador for the Chinese Super League as agreements with China Auto Rental and Sands China were added.

The earnings of Beckham were boosted in 2014 by two deals with upfront payments.

David Beckham is retired from football, but still banking cash.  

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