You Are BOLD—Kokofumanhene Hail Two Clergy Men

In Ghana it seems there are two clergy men who are bold and tell the truth on how the country is been ruled. Barima Offeh Akwasi Okogyeasuo II is the Omanhene of the Kokofu Traditional Area in the Ashanti and he is a true Methodist.

Nana has been a local preacher in the church before and has taught in many schools including Wesley College now Wesley College of Education.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Kokofu Circuit, Barima said in Ghana the only clergy men who are bold to tell the truth in Ghana’s economy is Prof. Emmanuel Martey and Bishop Bosomtwe-Ayensu, moderator of the Presbyterian Church and the Bishop of Obuasi Diocese of the Methodist Church respectively.

“Among all the clergy in Ghana it seems your co-equal is the moderator of the Presbyterian Church because the country which is been ruled or govern is in shambles and it seems you two people among others are bold to tell the truth,” Barima told Bishop Ayensu.

Barima Offeh Akwasi said, people are stealing from the country’s purse, there are too much corruption and the worst thing is the various huge loans the government has collected to create huge debt for the country. Barima said, whether NPP, NDC, CPP or any other party, we must stand up and speak against the current ruling of the Mahama govt, else our children will suffer some years to come.

He thanked the two clergy men for their boldness and said he has that boldness too to speak his mind because he doesn’t belong to any political party but work with the govt who will come with good governance.

“I have that braveness to speak my mind because I don’t belong to any political party but work with the president with good governance” said Nana.

Nana said since he is a true Methodist, he will speak the truth and criticize any Reverend Minister who will go way ward.

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