Opinion: Stop using Guru’s fame to revive your dead careers

Entertainment of Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Source: Nana Kwesi


Over the years, one humble superstar who has suffered at the hands of desperate underground artistes who want quick fame is Guru.

They creating news for themselves by dragging the hard earned name of other artiste who has really worked hard to earn every hit song, respect, money and awards.

Guru has also suffered at the hands of other artistes who are trying very hard to revive their dead careers after their one time hit, coming out with all sorts of silly accusation just to regain their lost fame and gain the attention of the limelight.

This piece is not in defense of Guru, because nothing has been proven so there is nothing to defend. This is for those who want cheap publicity and want to blow up so fast without hard work and don’t care who they hurt or destroy to get want they want.

Over the years a lot of bizarre accusation about Guru using their songs has surfaced, some being rumored and others being broadcast in the main media by these artistes who claim Guru has stolen their songs.

But strangely enough nothing has been proven, neither has the songs these artistes claimed to be stolen become a hit after the accusations.

Then one will ask why Guru’s name always? I guess it’s because they know he won’t retaliate. As the local adage goes “wa kasa wu ti wua ye yie wu ti boni “meaning if you don’t talk about things you would be accused of anything.

But for now, enough of those cheesy excuses and accusations. If it’s cheap publicity they want, they will get it. The funny thing is after all the attention they get from their accusations they are not able to make anything better of their song or their career.

Some also complain he just uses popular words and terms to make hits. As if they create new words which have never been used or heard before each time they step to the booth.

It takes a genius to transform just a word or a term into music to talk less about turning it into a major hit. And because some have decided to just hate, they don’t take note of the lyrical content. An example of the lyrical content of his current single Kpa Kpa Kpa Movement is one of a master piece but because they just want to hate they just refuse to see and understand how he is able to turn a man’s words to an instant musical success.

Borgo Borga, Baby, Love, Lean Back, Economy, Shatta, Amen and other popular terms have been used by several artists in Ghana and across the world so it should not be a problem if Guru makes a hit out of a popular word or term.

And because they have also used popular words and terms and haven’t had the success he is enjoying they insinuate he is using black magic (Juju) to attain his success.

News flash, a good song is a good song and if your song, lyrics, chorus, content is poor, wack, terrible or lacks style, there is no amount Juju that can make your song a hit.

Even though the song he released seems to be very simple, so easily done, a lot of artistes honestly will tell you it’s not easy to have just one hit song. And Guru doesn’t have it easy too.

Knowing Guru over the years, he will spend almost all his time at the studio, after he has recorded more than seven (7) songs he will let his team discuss and select one for promo.

Even with that, in the night just about releasing the track he would call you to hold on because he wants to add up something, so one will realize more of Guru’s tracks are leaked because of the changes he may want to do and out of frustration or desperation for a promoter to release the song first, they let it out with the final touches.

So you see he doesn’t have it easy as it looks and if these desperate artistes would do half of what he does they will also see results but they won’t, they will hate on someone making it.

But as I said, the days of hating and just accusing people without proof to gain attention is over, because you will get the attention alright but it will be to expose your lies and end your career.

If you are reading this and you think my words seems harsh, picture your innocent name being dragged in the mud just because someone want some quick fame.