It won’t be easy for female artistes to achieve equality – Eazzy

Entertainment of Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Eazzy Video Shoot1

Ghanaian hip-life diva, Eazzy, has bemoaned the unfair playing field in the music industry and called for equal respect and opportunities.

Mildred Ashong, as she is known in private life told Starr Drive host Bola Ray on Monday that although female musicians put in as much efforts as their male counterparts, they are unable to reap their due in the “male-dominated industry.”

“It’s not going to be an easy ride for us to have equality,” she remarked in connection with International Women’s Day, which was observed on Sunday.

“It is difficult for us to have the equal field because you find most of the mainstream shows being headlined by maybe four male artistes and then maybe one female artiste”.

When asked if she was concerned about the disparity, Eazzy said: “I do get worried…so long as I’m in this business for money.”

“And I’m sure most of my other colleague female artistes also get worried. Because we are here with over fifteen or twenty mainstream male artistes and we are just about six or so”.

Eazzy also added her voice to criticisms against music award organisers who have failed to create “Best Female Artiste” categories that would celebrate and “empower” her kind.

“Even when it comes to nominations for the Ghana Music awards, we still don’t have a category for best female artiste of the year and all of those things matter to us. If you are not celebrating your women in arts who would celebrate them for you?

“We’ve done tremendously well in other sectors like politics, in business and so on, and I believe we are still doing great in entertainment,” but added that the industry must “empower us more”.