300 megawatt improvement imminent -Government

Government has announced that it is expecting some 300megawatts following near-complete repair works on power plants at the Takoradi International Company (TICO).

The crucial contribution of some thermal plants managed by the Volta River Authority (VRA) was lost after they broke down last year.

Speaking to Joy News on Tuesday, Deputy Power Minister John Jinapor disclosed:

Engineers were “working on second unit of TICO, then work on the steam [thermal] component and that is expected to give us about 300megawatts and that closes the gap appreciably.”

The expected addition builds up on the 220megawatts added last month after successful repair works on the Takoradi International Company (TICO) and CENIT power plants.

The deputy minister said he has had reports of “slight improvement” in power supply from some consumers in the ongoing power crisis.

Ghana’s available power for supply has been pegged at about 1,650 megawatts and 330megawatts more could mean Government is getting closer to satisfying a national demand of about 2,100megawatts.

The expected 330megawatts tells the story of how crucial maintenance culture will be in keeping homes and business powered.

Ghana’s demand of 2,100megawatts could have easily been swallowed up by its 2,800megawatts installed generation capacity but a plague of frequent breakdowns means the support of thermal plants has remained a potential –not a reality.

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