10 years on, Obrafour relives the recording of The Execution Diary

Music of Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Source: yfmghana.com


Award winning rapper, Obrafour this weekend marked the tenth year since he orchestrated the Execution Diary compilation which unearthed hit makers including Kwaw Kese, D Black and others.

The rapper who was in Virginia, USA speaking on writing, recording and performing hiplife music in a series of tweets wrote:

“Good afternoon my people, I want to share the #ExecutionDiary story! #Obrafour”

“It’s been a decade after the release of the #ExecutionDiary! What was your favorite song off that compilation! #Obrafour Let’s talk!”

It was 2005, I had done about three albums then! #PaeMuka #AsemSebe #Tofa and several other works! #ExecutionDiary #Obrafour

Anytime I came around the studio, I met a whole lot of talents who could rap and needed to be heard. #ExecutionDiary #Obrafour

I talked to @Dahammergh and he came up with the name #ExecutionDiary #Obrafour it was magical!

It was #ExecutionDiary because we were going to open my diary as the head of Execution Entertainment #Obrafour

In 2005, the idea was not a popular one, and since this was coming from the best camp #TheLastTwo, we put together a great team!

There was @khanino123 @Accradotalt @uhuruBardMan Shushu and other great people who were pushing things around!

In 2005, Yoggi Doggi, @Real4x4 , @OkyeameKwameBra and a few others who were featured on some songs were inspirations for the new acts

Salute to @Dahammergh again – He is a story teller! He had a stash of beats before anyone came in. He had told his side of the story!

About ten beats were ready made and @OkyeameKwameBra, Yoggi Doggi, @Real4x4, @BardManTinny came in to listen and chose which to ride on!

I used to come into the studio to listen to what vocals had been laid and how the whole album was piecing together #ExecutionDiary #Obrafour

Sometimes I listened to the songs and advised, sometimes I wrote some lines, sometimes I sang some vocals too. #ExecutionDiary #Obrafour

A lot of people wanted to be on the #ExecutionDiary but we had to handpick a few. You had to be super good to make it just into the studio.

Hush Hush Studios was where it all went down! Lots of work! Lots of sacrifice! #ExecutionDiary #Obrafour

There was about six songs on the promo CD! Every DJ had his own tune he vibed to and most of the songs rose to the occasion! #ExecutionDiary

In 2005, we were still doing cassettes and the bookkeeper then, told me we hit about 150,000 in sales… In UK, that is a Gold album!