Woman Kills 10-Month-Old Child By Stuffing Him In Drawer And Closing It


A young woman was arrested in Zimbabwe on charges of murder after allegedly killing a 10-month-old child by stuffing him in a drawer and closing him up, police said.  Weird News reports:

Cowdray Park Police said that they arrested 22-year-old Violet Moyo, after allegedly stuffing 10-month-old Ethan Phiri into the drawer and closing it before going off to watch television.

She was charged with one count of murder. According to the police investigation, Moyo returned to the drawer after three hours, to make sure that the child was dead.

During questioning, Moyo told officers that the child was crying too much and she wanted him to be quiet while she watched television. Moyo told a court that the child also prevented her from doing household chores so she had no choice but to get rid of him. Moyo was found guilty of murder, and she was sentenced to serve 22 years in prison.