Balotelli Blasts Italian Politician Over Muntari Racial Abuse

Mario Balotelli attacked a lega Nord politician for making a racist comment about ac Milan’s Sulley Muntari.

The issue exploded on social networks during Milan’s 2-2 draw with Verona at San Siro.

Matteo Salvini, secretary of the anti-immigration Lega Nord party and a Rossoneri supporter, wrote this on his Facebook page: ‘Immigrants who work well are welcome. Therefore Muntari can go back home.’

Salvini deleted the post, but it was screencapped and spread, reaching Balotelli in Liverpool.

‘Is this person serious when he says this?’ wrote Balotelli on Instagram. ‘And he’s a politician too????? Then vote for me, you’ll be better off.’

Salvini has a history with Balo, famously criticising the Italy striker and defending those who insulted him.

‘They jeer him because off the field he’s a cretin and they’d do the same even if he was blond with blue eyes.

‘He should think about scoring goals and kicking a ball about, because off the pitch he’s not a positive person or a role model. At times that lad is a bit thick.’

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