Female doctor suffers verbal abuse at UK football match

Footage has emerged of sexist chanting towards the Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro.

In the smartphone video, unseen Manchester United fans sing ‘get your t**** out for the lads’ as she walks along the touchline at Old Trafford.

A lone voice is also heard shouting ‘show us where you p*** from you s***’.

A similar incident involving Arsenal fans at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge ground was recorded earlier this year.

Campaign group Women in Football have highlighted the footage as part of a month-long campaign to highlight sexism in the game.

It says it reported the incident to the football authorities but say they are concerned no action was taken.

In all, the campaign group has recorded 13 similar incidents this season aimed at female staff, officials, journalists and cheerleaders.

Heather Rabbatts has called for action (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

A spokesperson said: ‘Women in Football are appalled that sexist abuse has been allowed to thrive, unchecked, around some of the country’s most iconic football stadiums.

‘We are gravely concerned at a lack of action on this issue, and the negative message this sends to women in the football industry.

FA board member Heather Rabbatts described the abuse as ‘horrible’ and urged supporters to notify officials if they witness such behaviour

A survey  found more than two-thirds of women working within football had been subjected to sexism.

A survey found 89 per cent of woman in football experienced sexism (Picture: File)

Some 89 per cent said they had witnessed it but had not reported it for fear it would not be taken seriously.

The Women in Football campaign has been launched in conjunction with the Everyday Sexism project to coincide with International Women’s Day on Sunday.

It will use social media to highlight the growing number of women working in football as well as the sexism they face.

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