Gov’t won’t invest taxpayers cash in national carrier

Business News of Friday, 6 March 2015


GhanaAirways Landed

The Ghanaian Government has resolved not to commit any taxpayer funding into establishing the proposed new national airline.

The decision to restrict public funding for the airline is expected to limit government’s exposure to risk in management and running of the national airline.

The Director, Public Investment Division of the Ministry of Finance, Magdalene Apenteng, explained that government’s role in establishing the airline will be to incentivise the private sector operator that will be selected to partner government in running the airline.

“It is important to note that government does not intend to put in money into this national airline, though it may put in some sort of incentives to attract the private sector to come onboard.

“What I’m trying to say is that, we don’t have the physical cash to put in the airline – i.e. we are not going to put in money as a new airline. That’s the concept.

“But the project is still being prepared by the transaction advisor PwC, and it will give us the options as to what can possibly be done to have the national airline.