5 Signs He Wants To Marry You

article-201412713532750007000So, you have been dating ‘him’ for a long time now and it seems that this relationship is headed in the matrimonial direction, but you still feel unsure whether he is actually ready for marriage or not. Well, to get you out of this dilemma, let us tell you that there are some signs that can tell you whether he is ready to pop the question to you or not. Want to know what those are? Read on.

1. Highlights his financial independence
For most guys, being financially stable remains a major objective to achieve before settling down. This includes how secure he feels about his job, his investments, and the confidence to support his partner with his earnings in the near future. If your guy has been repeatedly talking about his growing savings, investing in a new house, earning a windfall from his family’s ancestral property, or his impending raise in salary, he is probably trying to emphasise the fact that he is reasonably stable from a financial perspective. And, ready to talk about stability in personal life too.

2. Suggest about being together
Try and gauge how he refers to the two of you as a couple. If it seems that there is a definite futuristic tone to his discussions, he definitely sees the relationship with a long-term goal (invariably meaning marriage). If he discusses about the two of you as “Us” and “We” a lot more, it is suggestive that he looks upon this relationship to last. This signifies that he has evolved beyond the point of thinking only about himself and looks upon you as an intrinsic part of his future.

3. Families are getting involved
Does his family always expects you to be by his side at every family event? Or, does he make sure that everyone in his family knows that he is going out with you? Well, this is a crystal clear sign; because once the families are involved he knows there is no stepping back. Maybe that is his ‘hidden’ desire too. You know his every second and third cousin, and he is proud to introduce you to his mom and dad, then wedding bells can be heard soon!

4. His bachelorhood seems diminishing
Try to analyse whether he has matured enough to tie the knot, and observe whether his typical bachelor habits have changed recently. For instance, he is no longer ready to venture for late nights on Sundays, ensuring that his job doesn’t suffer any longer. This highlights his growing maturity level. Other changes might include dumping his flirtatious ways. Also, instead of making fun of marriages as overstretched ceremonies, he seems more interested in finding out about the nuances of the wedding and honeymoon locations.

5. He portrays husband-like behaviour
Over the last few weeks, it seems that he wants to be involved in every aspect of your life. He doesn’t want you to spend a single dime whenever you guys venture outside, refers to your parents as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, acts extremely protective about you when you are out with him and has that unmistakable husband-like aura about him where it seems that he is supposed to know your whereabouts at all times.
So, is your man showing any signs like these? Well, then just be ready to ‘get a proposal’, and say ‘yes’!