Mahama elevated religious intolerance debate – Atik Mohammed

General News of Thursday, 5 March 2015


Atik Mohammed

Policy Analyst of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed has blamed President Mahama for the needless debate about religious intolerance in the country.

According to him, the President’s fiat to sanction heads of schools who violate provisions in the Constitution on religion has rather heightened fears instead peaceful co-existence.

Muslims in Ghana have strongly protested against what they say is discrimination against Muslims in schools and workplaces, and hence demonstrated to demand that such issues to be addressed.

They want to be exempted from Christian prayer sessions in public schools and also they want their women to be allowed to wear their hijab either to work or to school.

Government subsequently issued a directive to all institutions to allow Muslims to practice their religion without any hindrances or face sanctions.

The President in his State of the Nation address last week, also warned that any head of institution that violates the directives will be sanctioned accordingly.

He remarked that “appropriate sanctions” will be taken against any head of institution who acts contrary to the constitutional provisions of Ghana.

But Atik Mohammed on Peace FM on Thursday, indicated that instead of the president giving that directive, he should rather call on the leaders of both the Muslim and Christian organizations to jaw-jaw with each other.

He noted that the situation has been hyped to the extent that, “wicked people in the country are making mockery of it to their own advantage and selfish interest. The President’s call has brought more tension amongst Christians and Muslims.

“They should stop discriminating because when that happens, they are activating Boko Haram in Ghana. I urge the president to lead the discussion towards the peace of our two religions,” he maintained.